personal injury

Personal Injury

An accident can be difficult and frightening, especially when an injury has occurred. An attorney's responsiveness, personal attention and relationship with a client are fundamental.

We take pride in our ability to justly represent our clients and keep them informed of the progress of their cases as they unfold.

Many personal injury lawsuits we handle result from motor vehicle collisions. These are not simple and straightforward. Physical, emotional and financial injury may be suffered.

Liability (who is at fault) may be disputed, as well as what injuries were actually suffered. There may be questions about whether the accident was the cause of the injuries claimed.

At the Law Offices of Daren S. Robertson, we strive to secure the best compensation possible for our clients.

Let Us Help With:

Slip and Fall Injuries

Broken limbs & head injuries can occur when a floor is slippery, carpeting is loose or safety signs are not clearly posted. Tell us about the circumstances of a fall you sustained in public or private property.

Other Injuries

Product failures, dog bites or other unexpected circumstances sometimes lead to serious injury or even death. We take time to learn about your injury & determine if we can help you seek damages to compensate you for your loss.

Auto Accidents

If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident, call us as soon as possible. We will listen carefully to evaluate the physical or emotional harm that was suffered. We are experienced in the investigation of accidents, the evaluation of fault, and third party settlement negotiations. Call us for matters involving:

  • Automobile or tractor trailers
  • Motorcycle or bicycles
  • Pedestrians

Seven Steps to Protect Your Rights:

  1. Do not discuss the accident with anyone other than the investigating police officers, your doctors, your own insurance representatives, or your lawyer.
  2. Do make written notes of any statements made by the drivers or occupants of the other vehicle as to how the accident occurred.
  3. Do tell the investigating police officer if you believe the driver of the other vehicle may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  4. Do contact a law firm with experience in handling personal injury cases.
  5. Do telephone your insurance agent.
  6. Do take photographs of the damage to your vehicle and of any injuries to yourself and others in your vehicle.
  7. Do see a doctor if there is a chance that you may have been injured.


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